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The Foundation for Regeneration is dedicated to creating meaningful demonstrations that showcase the promise of Regeneration. Regeneration is restoring our places to ecological and social health. 



We believe in using the tools of philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and impact investing to catalyze programs of economic development, social equity, and ecological health in the American Midwest.


The Foundation for Regeneration pilot portfolio continues to evolve; focused at the intersection of Regenerative Land Management, Circular Economy, and Financial Innovation.
  1. Regenerative Land Management 1,000+ acres in the pipeline for acquisition, agriculture, remediation, predevelopment, and conservation activities.
  2. Circular Economy Studio Material flows applied research combined with venture development for local waste stream diversion into value added products/uses with a working group of multidisciplinary subject matter experts.
  3. Financial Innovation Blended finance harnessing the full capital continuum; traditional debt and equity, concessional, risk-transfer, insurance, and philanthropic capital to deliver economic, social, public health, and other benefits to people and communities.