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Climate Action Marketplace

We are attempting to address climate action bottlenecks which begins at the financing and coordination stage for implementation surfacing key questions:  

  1. How do we pay for it? 
  2. How do we coordinate multiple workforces across entities?
  3. How do we measure, report, and verify claims in a way that builds trust?
  4. How do verified climate outcomes integrate with future GHG inventory and planning work by local authorities?
  5. What type of human culture and leadership is required of us to achieve tangible climate milestones?


Any marketplace requires buyers and sellers.

In terms of buyers, Carbon Positive KC has 45 paid members ( so far and we encourage you to join. We have just purchased our first 66 credits on behalf of members from 4 different projects with these results (from the last newsletter). 

In terms of sellers, we are working on an eco-credit framework that functions within cities connected to the climate action plan of KC. Currently, the team buys credits outside of BRV but the Port Climate Outcome project the goal is to jumpstart many sellers. See V 0.3 Urban Ecosystem Standard Lite Paper


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