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Blue River Valley

Blue River ValleyThe purpose of this work is to stimulate economic development in the Blue River Valley industrial corridor by realizing the vision of the eco-industrial park concept.  

The Blue River Valley was once a source of abundant clean water, rich soil for farming, and a favorite playground for Kansas Citians enjoying fishing, water sports, houseboats, and restaurants.  The industrial age brought great change to the river and surrounding neighborhoods; where industry selected riverside sites and brought jobs and economic activity but, over time, converted the once pristine river and surrounding land into a toxic wasteland. As the industrial businesses left, so did the jobs supporting the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Blue River Valley – which was once a nature lover destination and thriving industrial community – is now in serious economic decline with an uncertain future. 

In recent years, a significant amount of work has gone into assessing how to reclaim the Blue River Valley. These plans have included a report card grading the ecological health of the Blue River, development site assessment, and market analysis on the area’s competitiveness to attract new companies as tenants which can be found below under Resources.

In partnership with the Hoxie Collective and Parson+ Associates, Industrial Development Authority and the EDC supported the work of the the Foundation for Regeneration to advance a Phase I Discovery scope of work to stimulate economic development in the KCMO Blue River Valley Industrial Corridor.