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Kiss the Ground inspires participation in the regenerative agriculture movement. 

Parson + Associates (P+A) is a public relations firm rooted in Kansas City and great ally of FFR. 

Quantified Ventures designs, capitalizes, and scales investible solutions to address the most pressing challenges facing communities.

Hoxie Collective is a community planning practice that serves to help communities grow stronger by focusing on providing affordable, comprehensive community planning and development services to underserved communities.

KC EDC administers and implements Kansas City Missouri’s economic development strategy, and focuses on business and real estate development, job creation, and community investment. 

Open Source Ecology is a network of farmers, engineers, architects and supporters, whose main goal is the eventual manufacturing of the Global Village Construction Set.

Metabolic strives to transition the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable state.

Regen Network provides tools to create standards and market for sustainable companies to buy carbon credits and nature-based solutions to reduce carbon.

Carbon A List is a climate action instigator specialized in navigating the burgeoning opportunities for climate action, especially, but not limited to the land sector. 

The National Center for Economic Gardening was established in to help states, regions and communities set up and run Economic Gardening programs. The NCEG provides training, certification, and a national team which can immediately start a pilot project for evaluation.